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Take your thyme ihti blog

I’m sorry guys, I apologize for the lame pun but since it’s a food blog, there will probably be some pan intended.  Ever pictured something nice; some wonderful meal you either saw in a magazine or a cooking show and wanted to try it out and got everything that was required to create that work of art that you saw but in the long run what turned out was no Van Gogh piece of art? But a van go? Again, I apologize I’m just that kind of person as you read more of these blogs you’ll get used to it I promise.

Take your thyme ihti blogBack to your piece of art that wasn’t what you expected. Ever sat back and asked yourself what went wrong? This happens mostly in the pastry side of life. In the culinary world the pastry section is that little sister whom you would bully everyday but still got higher grades than you and was sweet to everyone except you in comparison to the hot kitchen. I’m not demeaning the work of pastry chefs out there. You all are on some sorcery shit at times when it comes to playing with molecular gastronomy and for that, hats off to you.

I know I know I’m taking forever to get to the point, but ask yourself no more. It was the time you gave it.  I’ll try and explain this with an example. You’re making a hard-boiled egg and  as we know people’s preference vary with how well they want their egg done. Some want their yolk runny, some not too runny and some a hard boiled yolk and egg in general. These three options have different time periods in which they can be in water and the differences are like 2 minutes apart,  so getting the correct timing is key to making your intended egg preference.

This applies in every single meal from soups, to meat (especially when making the preferred steak, that is whether you like your meat rare, medium rare, medium or well done). The timings in preparation are separated by mere minutes e.g. rare; 2 minutes on the hot pan or grill, medium rare; 4 minutes on the hot pan or grill and 6 minutes for well done. See the little difference in the timing? One minute more and you’ve got something else that’s not what you wanted or what the guest ordered.

What I’m simply trying to urge you all home cooks or professional chefs reading this is to be patient. Perfect timing will make everything much easier and simpler  in the long run. This is not only a big problem for the home cooks but it’s also a major disease for chefs. What I would  urge you to do; Simply give your food undivided attention.

Cook with love, yes I said love, and remember ANYONE CAN COOK…

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